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In September 5, 2012, by the Shunde Electric Power Design Institute invited designers, engineers and Design Institute of our company to carry out technical exchanges, mainly introduces the significance of electric energy quality optimization and misunderstanding of the principle and design method of harmonic reactive power compensation. Lively atmosphere, a lot of communication. Through this exchange, the Design Institute of the company's products have more understanding.
Provide you with free light electrical power quality testing, analysis, evaluation.
1, to improve the power factor, to avoid electricity penalty
2, transformer temperature rise noise reduction, safe and reliable operation
3, save transformer capacity, reduce the basic electricity
4, transformer overload capacity, the effective use of capacity upgrade
5, improve voltage distortion, eliminate the zero line overheating caused by security risks (fire, equipment short circuit)
6, improve the power capacity of the peak, cost savings
7, improve equipment stability, ensure the normal use of electricity
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1, the industry's first: phase compensation, industry first phase compensation
2, good heat dissipation: the use of single phase components, good heat dissipation, high reliability
3, to ensure reliable: the core device uses a vacuum switch, D class capacitor, H reactor, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the high temperature and low temperature
4, the effect of leading: filtering effect of up to 70%, leading the industry
5, fast re - cast: fast, can be re - cast, 20ms - cutting speed comparable with imported products
6, low loss, small heat: 2500V single phase silicon controlled rectifier, low loss, low heat and high reliability
7, man-machine interface, easy to operate: with a touch screen, good man-machine interface, easy to operate, intuitive image, high-quality products
8, the quality of military products: military product quality, quality assurance for three years, not on the market for the ordinary three-phase complement
Guangdong Guangda Electric Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the professional management of power quality, voltage fluctuation, flicker and reactive power compensation device research and development and manufacturing of products, including intermediate frequency furnace harmonic control, inverter harmonic control and reactive compensation for submerged arc furnace, rolling mill, reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression, high pressure automatic reactive power compensation, active power filter, filter series (national patent), zero sequence filter (national patent), and to undertake non package related design of reactive power compensation, harmonic control, frequency conversion and energy saving. Products are widely used in smelting, automotive, steel, chemical, petrochemical, paper, construction, airports, terminals, oil field equipment manufacturing plant, etc.. The utility model is especially suitable for industrial occasions with frequent load changes, strong impact, serious harmonic pollution and high compensation precision. (national hotline 4000-699-226 or 18028173869)
The company is Guangdong Foshan City star enterprise, credit management to the company has a number of national patent technology, for each customer tailored to fit their equipment, really solve the power quality problems of the existing customers. Our company is committed to provide quality and reliable device, not "production and adulteration, indeed achieve improving power quality, energy conservation, improve the utilization rate of equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.
Companies rely on strong technical strength, product quality and stability, access to 6 national patent technology, the world's top 500 suppliers. Rely on long-term accumulation of harmonic control technology strength, stable quality, suitable project cost, we won the trust of our customers. At the same time, the unique experience of the unique harmonic control project also allows us to quickly understand the existence of electrical energy efficiency problems in your business. According to your company, we provide you with: pre control of harmonics, reactive power compensation, metallurgical enterprise substation design consulting, power quality testing and assessment of power quality solutions; late for you: design, harmonic control device, complete installation, operation guidance, operation training, and lifelong commitment the electric energy efficiency services, tailored to the most suitable plan for customers in various industries.
Guangda electric grid defend "the pursuit of perfect quality, to win the trust of all customers" business purposes, the constant pursuit of high standards of product quality, perfect service, the maximum extent to make every customer satisfied. "Improve the quality of power, reduce the cost of electricity" will be our consistent service standards.
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