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Shanxi Changzhi Netcom

Typical case 2 of harmonic control of communication equipment room: (Shanxi Changzhi Netcom)
Background of the project:
In the communication equipment room, the UPS has become an indispensable equipment in the equipment room. The UPS can provide high-quality power with high voltage regulation accuracy, frequency stabilization and waveform distortion to the load, and can supply power without switching with static bypass. Intermittent, however, because the UPS is a non-linear load, it itself will generate a large number of current harmonics, causing harmonic pollution to the power grid, but also affect other sensitive equipment in the equipment room, causing great interference or even harm to the communication system, so all The communication equipment room must face the problem of harmonic management.
Governance plan:
According to the field conditions and measurement results, the harmonics are mainly generated by the UPS and some non-linear DC power supplies. According to the mature and complete set of harmonic control solutions, the parallel active power filter independently developed by our company is used. Track the harmonic current generated by the control load to ensure safe and reliable operation of the entire system.
Governance effect:
It can be seen from the figure that the compensation effect is very obvious, the power factor is compensated to 0.99; the total harmonic content is reduced from 23.4% before compensation to 6.2% after compensation, and the current waveform is well improved, very close to sinusoidal.