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Beijing Olympic Tram Passenger Transport Branch

Beijing Olympic Tram Passenger Transport Branch

Harmonic treatment of electric equipment used in Beijing Olympic tram passenger branch
Background of the project:
Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. Tram Passenger Transport Branch is located in Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, newly built Olympic electric vehicle charging station, newly installed power equipment capacity 2903kW (charger, elevator, water pump, etc.), electro-optical equipment 100kW (air conditioning, lighting, etc.) The total capacity is 3003kVA. The main harmonic equipment is a charger, each 9kW, a total of 210 units, two channels are evenly distributed. The charger converts the alternating current into direct current. Its harmonic characteristics are 6-pulse. Due to the rectification part (diode rectification), the charger will inject harmonic current into the grid, which will bring serious harmonic pollution and safety hazard to the system.
Governance plan:
Since all the equipments are not in place, the filter can only be selected according to the evaluation value. According to the calculation of the harmonic content of each transformer is about 330A, two 400A active power filters are selected.