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Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Typical case of harmonic treatment of steel pipe plant (Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.)
Background of the project:
The main technical parameters of the production workshop equipment of the steel pipe factory are as follows:
2. The power transformer is the S9 series. The capacities are 1250kVA and 2000kVA, the primary voltage is 10kV, and the secondary voltage is 0.4kV.
3. The wiring method of the transformer is Y/Y0.
4, 1250kVA transformer load is two 600kW medium frequency heating power supply, the main wiring uses thyristor three-phase bridge rectifier; fast thyristor single-phase bridge inverter; energy storage component is a reactor; output power is 2.5kHZ.
5, 2000kVA transformer load is AC and DC drive motor, including six DC motors, four 132kW, two 75kW, the total capacity is 678kW; 28 AC direct-transmission inverters, the total capacity is about 350kW; the rest is ordinary AC motors.
6. The intermediate frequency power supply is an intermittent mode of operation with a frequency of about 30 seconds.
7, 2000kVA transformer can work at the same time as needed.
Since the intermediate frequency power supply, the DC transmission machine and a large number of frequency converters are the main harmonic sources, the system is seriously distorted, resulting in frequent failure of the reactive power compensation capacitor and an increase in the system failure rate. Therefore, a comprehensive scheme of reactive power compensation and harmonic control is proposed.
Governance plan:
According to the site situation, our company has proposed a hybrid and passive hybrid control solution. This solution adopts the passive power filter of SPF-300/0.4 and the active power of SPA3-150/0.4 independently developed by our company. The filter performs reactive compensation and harmonic control.
Governance effect:
                    Power quality before and after compensation