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Thyristor power module TKGD

Suitable for 400V power system
Cranes, spot welders, injection molding machines, gantry cranes, traction stretchers, lifts, rolling mills, etc.
product description

product description

TKGD series thyristor power module is the third generation of independent research and development products launched by Guangdong Guangda Electric Co., Ltd. It is designed for the dynamic fast compensation of 0.4kV power capacitors. It has a high switching speed and is a replacement for small current AC contactors. The best choice for magnetic hold switches and composite switches.


  • The response speed is 10ms, the switching speed is fast, and there is no need to wait for discharge;
  • Stable and reliable, using pulse transformer, can be reliably triggered when the background harmonic voltage is 12%;
  • Full-featured, integrating current display, temperature display, intelligent over-current protection, temperature protection, phase loss protection, thyristor breakdown alarm, and trigger function;
  • There are many ways of switching, single-phase compensation, phase-to-phase compensation, and three-phase compensation.
  • Zero-crossing switching does not produce a combined flow;
    The thyristor adopts the imported brand and the operation is more stable.

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