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Capacitor MPGD

Suitable for 280V, 450V, 480V power system
Any occasion
product description

product description

The capacitor is wound on the same concentric insulating tube with a self-healing high-grade metallized polypropylene film (to ensure high precision of the winding), vacuum drying for a long time (to ensure the stability of the capacitor), oil sand filled and sealed in a cylindrical shape In the aluminum shell.


  • The residual voltage of the built-in discharge resistor drops below 50V for 3min;
  • The over-pressure cutting device truly realizes the explosion-proof of the capacitor;
  • The dielectric has a self-healing function: when a voltage breakdown occurs, the metal conductor extrudes an insulating region within a few microseconds to ensure that the capacitor can continue to be used;
  • All aluminum housing has good corrosion resistance and heat dissipation performance;
  • Vacuum drying, immersing silicone oil: ensuring uniform heating of the capacitor while improving the insulation performance of the product and prolonging the service life;
  • The filler is quartz sand + resin, quartz sand + silicone oil, which quickly cools down and has arc extinguishing effect.

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