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Filter reactor CKGD

Suitable for 220~2000V power system
Any occasion
product description

product description

The filter reactor is used in the 220~2000V power system, connected in series with the power capacitor bank, tuned to a certain resonant frequency, and absorbs the harmonic current of the corresponding frequency in the power grid. The reactor is a dry structure, which is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet and high-temperature enameled wire wound, and is made of high-quality resin. It has the characteristics of strong overload capability, low loss, low temperature rise and low noise.


  • All insulation materials of reactors are all grade H (temperature resistance 180 ° C) or more;
  • Adopting advanced core winding structure directly on the core, no skeleton, good heat dissipation and low temperature rise;
  • The clip is laser-cut, the thickness is more than 3mm, the surface is processed by the appliance panel, and the upper clip is L-shaped, which is convenient to install;
  • Vacuum varnish: The resin fills the small gaps in the iron core, making the reactor low noise, low temperature rise, low loss (military grade design).

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