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Filter compensation module series: intelligent filter compensation module | reactive power compensation module | welding machine specia l

filter compensation module | ceramic industry special compensation module |

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Compensation cabinet series: low-voltage automatic reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination device | welding machine-specific compensation device | high-voltage compensation and harmonic elimination device

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The filter compensation module can be widely used for reactive power compensation and harmonic control in 400V system. It can be used in any occasion, and it is more convenient to design and install. The complete protection system makes the performance of the compensation cabinet more stable. The power factor can be guaranteed after use. Above 0.9 and eliminate some harmonics.



Compensating components are the main components of the filter compensation cabinet, including thyristor switches, capacitors, reactors, controllers and regulators. There are many types of products that can be selected according to the site conditions. The products are produced in accordance with ISO regulations and have domestic professional institutions. Inspection report; professional selection and supporting services, featuring excellent technology, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable performance, stable operation and safety.



The high and low voltage compensation cabinets produced by our company are all safety compensation. Not only can the power factor be improved, but also the reactor can be equipped to absorb some harmonics and ensure the life of the branch. Multi-end interconnection and intelligent monitoring can understand the running status of the equipment anytime and anywhere. Reduce production management risks, improve power grid quality; a wide range of specifications, suitable for a variety of complex industrial environments with low power factor; products have 3C certification and domestic professional agency test report.



The filter cabinet is specially tailored for specific harmonic loads, including equipment-grade filters, neutral current absorbers, APF and high and low voltage filter devices. It is an integrated solution and one-stop service. It is suitable for 3, 5, At the 7th and 11th harmonic scenes, the filtering effect can reach 50~90%, which is especially suitable for complex occasions in the power environment, which can reduce the line loss, improve the power supply efficiency, ensure the normal operation of other equipment, and effectively reduce the production management risk.