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Guangdong Shenzhen Dongyang Xidao Co., Ltd.

User: Guangdong Shenzhen Dongyang Xidao Co., Ltd.
Name: Low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control device
Model: TSFGD-660/0.4
Load: welding machine group
1. Power factor: the working cycle of the welding machine is 150~400ms, the response time of the treatment device is 15~40ms, and the power factor of the dynamic maintenance checkpoint is not less than 0.90;
2. Filtering effect: the 5th harmonic current drop is 3.5%, and the 7th harmonic current drop is 3.3%;
3. Temperature noise: The temperature and noise of the transformer are significantly reduced.
4. Supporting components: using touch screen for status display and human-computer interaction, the display is intuitive and easy
Operation; the management device is equipped with perfect sound and light protection measures for various possible faults.