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Guangdong Minxing Wool Co., Ltd.

Typical case of harmonic management in textile industry (Guangdong Minxing Wool Co., Ltd.) Background of the project: The main load of a textile factory is a large-capacity UPS and a computer loom. The UPS provides high-quality electric energy with high voltage regulation accuracy and small waveform distortion to the load. However, since the UPS is a non-linear load, the rectifying device in the UPS generates a large amount of harmonic current, so that The current distortion rate on the grid side is very high, which causes harmonic pollution to the power grid, and also affects the normal input of the reactive power cabinet, and harmonic control must be performed.


Nanjing Pukou Waterworks

Typical case of harmonic treatment in waterworks (Nanjing Pukou Waterworks) Background of the project: A water power plant is driven by a high-power inverter to drive the water pump motor. Because the high-power diode rectification and high-power thyristor inverter are required in the inverter, the current harmonics are generated in the input and output loops, which interfere with the power supply system, load and other. Adjacent to electrical equipment, affecting the metering work is not normal.


Shandong New Era Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry (Shandong New Times Pharmaceuticals): Background of the project:         The main harmonic source of a 10kV main transformer in a pharmaceutical company is the fermentation workshop. There are 4 transformers (2000kVA, 10/0.4kV) in the workshop. Each two units are connected in parallel and are divided into two groups. One set (east side) has 6 inverters (the motor capacity is 280KW), and one set (west side) 7 inverters (the motor capacity is 200KW), the inverter is in the working process. Large non-sinusoidal distortion currents are generated, causing serious interference to the power grid. In order to purify the power grid, improve the system power factor, eliminate the harmonic hazard, and make the harmonic indicators reach the national standard value, it is necessary to carry out harmonic control in the 0.4kV system.


Tianchang International Tobacco

Typical Case 1 of Harmonic Management in Tobacco Industry (Tianchang International Tobacco) Background of the project: For a tobacco processing company, the harmonic source is mainly from two power distribution rooms, and the load is “leaf line”. The “leaf line” is to filter the impurities in the tobacco leaves to obtain the tobacco leaves without impurities. Through the inverter and the motor, the inverter is a very large harmonic source, so it brings serious harmonic pollution and harmonic interference to the system, and harmonic control must be carried out. Governance plan: According to the test data analysis, we provide 7 active power filters for use in two power distribution rooms: two in the first power distribution room and five in the second power distribution room. Line", such a configuration can achieve the purpose of effectively suppressing harmonics and improving power quality of the grid. Governance effect:


Xuzhou Cigarette Factory

Typical Case 2 of Harmonic Management in Tobacco Industry: (Xuzhou Cigarette Factory) Background of the project: In the current production facilities of cigarette factories, a large number of frequency converters are used, and the frequency converter is a typical non-linear power source, which results in high current harmonic content of its power supply system, which seriously increases the harmonic loss of the power supply line. Harm to the safe operation of other electrical equipment. The various departments of the cigarette factory have become more and more aware of energy conservation and consumption reduction and harmonic pollution control. Therefore, harmonic control of the power supply system has become a key project of the cigarette factory.


Jiangsu Mobile Suzhou Branch

Typical case of harmonic control of communication equipment room (Jiangsu Mobile Suzhou Branch) Background of the project: With the rapid development of the communication industry, the scale of communication power systems has also grown, and power supply equipment has been too concentrated due to continuous expansion. A mobile branch uses multiple sets of UPS and switching power supply systems. UPS and switching power supplies are typical three-phase non-linear loads. These non-linear devices generate a large number of harmonics during use, resulting in voltage and current waveforms. Distortion has occurred, which seriously affects the safety of power supply in the equipment room.


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