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Active filtering typical case
High pressure compensation device case
Zero sequence filter device case
Filter compensation cabinet engineering case
Device level filter case
Active filtering typical case
Intelligent filter compensation module case
  • Active Filtering Typical Case - Case 12

    Active Filtering Typical Case - Case 12


    Oilfield Harmonic Treatment Program: Background of the project: The main load of the oil field is the mud pump and drilling equipment with speed control equipment. Since the speed regulating equipment is a non-linear load, it will inevitably produce severe voltage and current distortion, which often causes the logging recorder to record errors or data inaccuracy. Our company conducted on-site data testing for the 50DB and 70DB power supply systems of Daqing Oilfield, the 50DB and 70DB power supply systems of Changqing Oilfield in Shaanxi, and the 90DB power supply system of Xinjiang Karamay Oilfield. The data analysis shows that the cause of serious power quality problems is mud. During the working process of the pump and drilling equipment, the harmonic voltage generated affects the normal operation of the logging tool, so harmonic management must be carried out. Reconstruction plan: Through on-site power quality diagnosis, our company has proposed an active voltage quality controller (AVQR) that is independently developed and produced to solve the problems of harmonics, fluctuations, flicker, instantaneous interruption of the logging voltage of the logging instrument, and makes the logging instrument reliable. , the record is accurate. Effectiveness analysis:

  • Qinhuangdao Boye Glass Co., Ltd.

    Qinhuangdao Boye Glass Co., Ltd.


    Typical case of harmonic treatment in glass factory (Qinhuangdao Boye Glass Co., Ltd.) Background of the project: At present, a glass 10kV substation mainly has a transformer with a capacity of 1000kVA and 10kV/0.4kV. The main load is a general AC load, but a high-power inverter is used in air-cooled cooling glass. After the glass is output from the tempering furnace, the fan starts to work. This working process is always cycled. During the operation of the fan, the current distortion of the grid is very high. Governance plan: According to the comprehensive consideration of the field test data, a SPA3-100/0.4 active power filter is selected to compensate the harmonics in the power grid to achieve the purpose of effective harmonic control. Governance effect:

  • Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

    Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.


    Typical case of harmonic treatment of steel pipe plant (Anshan Zhongyou Tianbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.) Background of the project: The main technical parameters of the production workshop equipment of the steel pipe factory are as follows: 2. The power transformer is the S9 series. The capacities are 1250kVA and 2000kVA, the primary voltage is 10kV, and the secondary voltage is 0.4kV. 3. The wiring method of the transformer is Y/Y0. 4, 1250kVA transformer load is two 600kW medium frequency heating power supply, the main wiring uses thyristor three-phase bridge rectifier; fast thyristor single-phase bridge inverter; energy storage component is a reactor; output power is 2.5kHZ. 5, 2000kVA transformer load is AC and DC drive motor, including six DC motors, four 132kW, two 75kW, the total capacity is 678kW; 28 AC direct-transmission inverters, the total capacity is about 350kW; the rest is ordinary AC motors. 6. The intermediate frequency power supply is an intermittent mode of operation with a frequency of about 30 seconds. 7, 2000kVA transformer can work at the same time as needed. Since the intermediate frequency power supply, the DC transmission machine and a large number of frequency converters are the main harmonic sources, the system is seriously distorted, resulting in frequent failure of the reactive power compensation capacitor and an increase in the system failure rate. Therefore, a comprehensive scheme of reactive power compensation and harmonic control is proposed. Governance plan: According to the site situation, our company has proposed a hybrid and passive hybrid control solution. This solution adopts the passive power filter of SPF-300/0.4 and the active power of SPA3-150/0.4 independently developed by our company. The filter performs reactive compensation and harmonic control. Governance effect:                     Power quality before and after compensation

  • Beijing Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Beijing Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant


    Typical case of harmonic treatment in sewage treatment plant (Beijing Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant) Background of the project: The load of a substation of a sewage treatment plant is mainly composed of 21 frequency converters, and the corresponding motor is driven by the frequency converter. The power distribution is 7 sets of 37kW, 7 sets of 2.2kW, and 7 sets of 1.5kW. Each of them is a group of 7 groups, each of which is one 37kW, one 2.2kW, one 1.5kW, and the system is put into three groups at the same time. Since all are inverter loads, the inverter is a very large harmonic source, which brings serious harmonic pollution and harmonic interference to the system, causing the system to not work properly, and often burns out electrical components, in order to To solve the problem, harmonic management must be carried out.

  • Shanxi Changzhi Netcom

    Shanxi Changzhi Netcom


    It can be seen from the figure that the compensation effect is very obvious, the power factor is compensated to 0.99; the total harmonic content is reduced from 23.4% before compensation to 6.2% after compensation, and the current waveform is well improved, very close to sinusoidal.

  • Beijing Olympic Tram Passenger Transport Branch

    Beijing Olympic Tram Passenger Transport Branch


    Harmonic treatment of electric equipment used in Beijing Olympic tram passenger branch Background of the project: Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. Tram Passenger Transport Branch is located in Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, newly built Olympic electric vehicle charging station, newly installed power equipment capacity 2903kW (charger, elevator, water pump, etc.), electro-optical equipment 100kW (air conditioning, lighting, etc.) The total capacity is 3003kVA. The main harmonic equipment is a charger, each 9kW, a total of 210 units, two channels are evenly distributed. The charger converts the alternating current into direct current. Its harmonic characteristics are 6-pulse. Due to the rectification part (diode rectification), the charger will inject harmonic current into the grid, which will bring serious harmonic pollution and safety hazard to the system. Governance plan: Since all the equipments are not in place, the filter can only be selected according to the evaluation value. According to the calculation of the harmonic content of each transformer is about 330A, two 400A active power filters are selected.

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