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DKGD Intelligent Dynamic Regulator

DKGD intelligent dynamic regulator is different from the common electronic zero-crossing compound switch. It adopts the latest zero-crossing technology, which leads at the moment of voltage zero-crossing and cuts off at the moment of current zero-crossing. The inrush current is very small and there is no spark when the capacitor is switched on, and the structure is simplified, installation is simple and the service life is long. Small resistance (< 2mΩ), low power consumption (< 5W), long-term operation of the switch does not heat, do not need to install fan cooling, is an ideal switch for switching power capacitors.
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Power Factor Controller

MCGD reactive power compensation controller is controlled based on reactive power. It adopts high-performance single-chip microprocessor, digital design, and RS485 communication interface. The power quality data sampled by MCGD can be transmitted to other external devices through the communication interface. The product has the function of over voltage, under voltage, harmonic and over temperature protection. Cycle mode, linear mode, fast mode switching strategy, automatic and precise compensation control, improve the system power factor, improve power quality.
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High-power intelligent thyristor power module

HP-TKGD high-power intelligent thyristor power module is specially designed for 0.75kV power capacitor dynamic fast switching electronic power device, the product is mainly composed of high-power silicon controlled, trigger circuit, protection circuit and heat dissipation device. The main circuit adopts reverse parallel thyristor module, which can support various control modes of level and pulse. It is mainly suitable for impact load, need to quickly cut capacitor electric load site, such as medium frequency furnace, rolling mill, welding machine, steel rolling, port crane and other rapid load change site.
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Intelligent thyristor power module

TKGD intelligent thyristor power module is an electronic power device designed for fast dynamic switching of 0.4kV power capacitors,the product is mainly composed of high-power silicon controlled, trigger circuit, protection circuit and heat dissipation device.With high speed CPU measurement and control, pulse transformer trigger, independent research and development of fast switching technology,Suitable for impact load, need quick switching capacitor load site.
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Series Reactor

CKGD series reactors are connected in series in the compensation capacitor circuit,can inhibit the closing inrush current,It plays an important role in suppressing harmonics and preventing resonance events from occurring.The iron core is cold rolled with high quality and low loss,the coil is enameled wire with high temperature resistance.Low loss,high harmonic resistance,Electrical performance for low noise operation.
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Power capacitance

MPGD series capacitor has all the features of the widely being used in self-healing products,the use of high-quality main material,the most advanced manufacturing process is made.For 50Hz or 60Hz power system,to improving power factor,reduce reactive loss and improve voltage quality.The product using a molding aluminum shell,rust-proof,excellent in thermal performance;seal product as a safe and reliable and able to maintain excellent and stable electrical properties.
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Capacitive component

RKGD series capacitive components are composed of series reactors and filter capacitors, which are mainly used in 50Hz or 60Hz power systems to improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss and improve voltage quality.
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