Make Power Use Safer And More Efficient For Enterprises

Device level filter

Device level filter is designed for power electronic equipment to reduce harmonic matching products, it can make the three-phase rectifier circuit generated harmonic current to meet any harmonic standard requirements, improve the anti-surge interference ability of equipment. It is the ideal supporting equipment for inverter, UPS, all kinds of power supply, intermediate frequency furnace and other power electronic equipment. Its products have long service life, small loss, currently belongs to the domestic industry leader.
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Incoming / Outgoing reactor

Inverter special incoming line reactor, connected in series between inverter incoming line end and power supply, inhibit surge voltage and surge current, protect inverter; Improve the power factor of frequency converter and suppress harmonic current; Filter harmonic voltage and harmonic current to improve the quality of power grid. Series inverter dedicated line (output) reactor, in between the client and load frequency converter, reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage, improvement of the voltage distribution on long transmission line, ease to the inverter output three-phase imbalance, reduce energy loss on the line, to prevent possible since the excitation generator with long line resonance phenomenon.
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Sinusoidal filter

Sinusoidal filter is mainly used to solve the harmonic problem at the output of the inverter. The sinusoidal filter can convert the PWM wave output of the inverter into sinusoidal wave, reduce the voltage impact of the PWM pulse output of the inverter, reduce the traveling wave reflection phenomenon at the motor end, and prevent the insulation breakdown of the motor, resulting in cable burst. The function of long-distance transmission of frequency converter is realized.
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