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Guangdong Minxing Wool Co., Ltd.

Typical case of harmonic management in textile industry (Guangdong Minxing Wool Co., Ltd.)
Background of the project:
The main load of a textile factory is a large-capacity UPS and a computer loom. The UPS provides high-quality electric energy with high voltage regulation accuracy and small waveform distortion to the load. However, since the UPS is a non-linear load, the rectifying device in the UPS generates a large amount of harmonic current, so that The current distortion rate on the grid side is very high, which causes harmonic pollution to the power grid, and also affects the normal input of the reactive power cabinet, and harmonic control must be performed.
Governance plan:
According to the field test results, the reason that the reactive power cabinet can not be put into normal operation is that the harmonic current generated by the UPS is amplified by the capacitor of the reactive power compensation cabinet and the overcurrent is generated and tripped. According to this, the active power filter independently developed by our company is adopted. The device can achieve the purpose of suppressing harmonics;
Governance effect:
The following is a comparison diagram of current harmonics before and after treatment, taking 5 times as an example;
As can be seen from the above figure, the total harmonic content before compensation is 28.9%, and the total harmonic content after compensation is reduced to 6.4%.
The current distortion rate of the power grid is greatly reduced, and the current waveform is closer to the ideal sine wave than before the compensation. At the same time, the input of the active power filter also enables the reactive power cabinet to be put into normal operation.
Schematic diagram of filter installation location:
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