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Shandong New Era Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry (Shandong New Times Pharmaceuticals):
Background of the project:
        The main harmonic source of a 10kV main transformer in a pharmaceutical company is the fermentation workshop. There are 4 transformers (2000kVA, 10/0.4kV) in the workshop. Each two units are connected in parallel and are divided into two groups. One set (east side) has 6 inverters (the motor capacity is 280KW), and one set (west side) 7 inverters (the motor capacity is 200KW), the inverter is in the working process. Large non-sinusoidal distortion currents are generated, causing serious interference to the power grid. In order to purify the power grid, improve the system power factor, eliminate the harmonic hazard, and make the harmonic indicators reach the national standard value, it is necessary to carry out harmonic control in the 0.4kV system.