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Jiangsu Mobile Suzhou Branch

Typical case of harmonic control of communication equipment room (Jiangsu Mobile Suzhou Branch)
Background of the project:
With the rapid development of the communication industry, the scale of communication power systems has also grown, and power supply equipment has been too concentrated due to continuous expansion. A mobile branch uses multiple sets of UPS and switching power supply systems. UPS and switching power supplies are typical three-phase non-linear loads. These non-linear devices generate a large number of harmonics during use, resulting in voltage and current waveforms. Distortion has occurred, which seriously affects the safety of power supply in the equipment room.
Governance plan:
In order to eliminate the hidden danger of power supply and improve the safety and reliability of the AC power supply of the integrated building, according to the on-site measurement situation, in view of the variety of harmonic generations, an active power filter is required (the active filter can filter out multiple harmonics). Wave current). We evaluated its filtering performance and the effect was very obvious.
Governance effect:
It can be seen from the figure that the total harmonic content before compensation is 58.2%, the total harmonic content after compensation is reduced to 5.4%; the fifth harmonic is reduced from 50.7% before compensation to 5.4% after compensation; The wave has been well suppressed, improving the power supply reliability of the power supply system, eliminating the hidden dangers of system harmonics on the communication system, and receiving good results.
Filter position diagram: