Guangdong Guangda Electric Co. Ltd.    POWERED BY:300.CN       粤ICP备14095149号

Add:No. 6, Cangsha West Road, Residents Committee, Junan Community, Junan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Tel:18028173863     Fax:0757-22227748 


Filter compensation module series: intelligent filter compensation module | reactive power compensation module | welding machine specia l

filter compensation module | ceramic industry special compensation module |

Compensation component series: Thyristor power module | Reactor | Capacitor | Compensation controller | Capacitor component |

Compensation cabinet series: low-voltage automatic reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination device | welding machine-specific compensation device | high-voltage compensation and harmonic elimination device

Filter Cabinet Series: Neutral Current Absorber | Equipment Grade Filter | Low Voltage Automatic Reactive Compensation and Filtering Device | Dynamic Filter Compensation

Device | Welding Machine Special Filtering Device | Active Filter | High Voltage Compensation and Filtering Device





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June 2013 review by the Safety Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Shou contract re credit enterprise"
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June 2013 review by the Safety Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Shou contract re credit enterprise"

Publicannouncement:GuangdongGuangdaElectricCo.Ltd. Guangdongcreditableenterprise"in2012bysupervisoryauthority:FoshancityShundedistrictmarketSafetySupervisionBureauissuedthiscertificateofrealnuclear. P
Public announcement: Guangdong Guangda Electric Co. Ltd.
Guangdong creditable enterprise" in 2012 by supervisory authority: Foshan city Shunde district market Safety Supervision Bureau issued this certificate of real nuclear.
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