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Fast load case (set of electromechanical Guangzhou Matsushita Wanbao)




1, customer demand: according to customer protection provided by the new transformer 1, capacity of 1000kVA, load: welding machine, heating furnace, motor, frequency converter
Our engineers to design TSFGD low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering device and a compensation capacity for a total of 600kvar, 2 cabinets, cabinets each capacity is 300 kvar, to meet customer requirements, improve the power factor, harmonic filter, the location for the real distribution of users.
2, recommended solutions: TSFGD-600/0.4 low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering device
Figure 1: product factory inspection pictures
 Figure 2: installation site image
Figure 3: installation and debugging data display
3, the economic benefits of the project:
1, to improve the power factor of 0.99, not only can eliminate the low power due to a number of electricity fines, you can also get electricity incentives
2, improve the production efficiency, reduce the transformer loss
3, improve the power transmission and distribution capacity, save the loss of rated current
4, eliminate harmonic caused by harmonic hazards, to guide the safe use of electricity
5, in addition to low harmonic caused by noise