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Power Association Han Lin to talk about harmonic governance: to resolve the power system invisible fault




China IDC Industry Alliance news in order to enhance the data center industry on a more comprehensive understanding of the safety management system and technology development, accelerate the promotion of power quality management system application standards. China data center industry alliance in June 24th in Beijing has held "seminar" 2011 Chinese data center security management trend, invited many domestic senior experts on data center security operation and power quality management issues in-depth exchanges and discussions.
China IDC industry alliance network as China's data center industry development alliance official designated media, the whole of the conference in-depth coverage.
Senior Engineer Han Lin China Power Association pointed out in his speech, the structure of power supply system in data center is the current low-voltage AC power supply system to UPS power as the core, including the input power supply system and the core to help UPS, UPS input and output distribution to load before the power supply system, including power distribution, power distribution cabinet, voltage the cable, etc..
The power supply system is still an invisible fault, because there are two aspects of the harmonic sources in interconnected systems, one is the load switching power supply, although 05 years later there is a new IDC standard, small capacity power products similar to the switching power supply module, it cannot exceed 20% harmonic enough. However, the load switching power supply equipment is a one-way load, containing a certain amount of harmonic.
The following is the China power supply association senior engineer Han Lin speech:
Han Lin: leaders, experts, good afternoon! Today I am very pleased to have this opportunity to discuss with you the topic of dynamic security management of data centers.
At present, there are more problems in the data center, especially in the power system, due to our time is also relatively tight, so I chose to talk about the topic with two simple. First, the current status of the data center system, especially the development trend of the existing power supply system; two is the existence of problems in the power supply system, also it is listed with the common exchange and discussion.
Data center abroad from the beginning of the construction of a large number of data centers in 1997, the country is from the beginning of 2000, but the construction of data centers in the past there has been no standard. As we all know, in 2005 the United States issued a ANSI/TIA-942 standard, our country has a GB50174 standard for 08 years, with more domestic and foreign norms, you can get some guidance.
The development of economy and technology to promote the development of the data center industry, the development speed is very fast, in large data centers to build more, every year can hear the new large data center construction in the beginning, like the Tianjin supercomputer supercomputer, Shenzhen, and Ji'nan so that some large national supercomputer data center. Also, like the previous day, in Chongqing to build a 10 square kilometers of cloud computing center. Such as the development of some large data centers, indicating the development of the domestic data center business is indeed a rapid development.
The data center has become a symbol of the new economy from all walks of life, whether it is industrial and commercial enterprises, including agriculture, national defense, has been to people's daily life, by the application of the Internet, it is behind the strong support in the data center. Many experts have talked about this argument.
To build a green data center has become a trend of the times, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection is a direction of our data center development, safety, reliability, availability, dependability is a foundation, impossible to leave the base and simply to energy conservation and environmental protection in this direction to the construction of the data center.
The application of scientific management in the data center is still a new subject, the construction of a data center has some corresponding standards and regulations, it is easy to understand it, and some corresponding data center construction departments and suppliers, they can provide a fairly complete infrastructure solutions. But a good use of a data center, it can be managed, it is a new topic we encounter. The application of data center includes operation and maintenance, energy efficiency management, personnel training, and professional services.
The structure of the power supply system of the data center is currently in low voltage AC power supply system to UPS power as the core, including the input power supply system and the core to help UPS, UPS input and output distribution to power system load before, including power distribution, power distribution cabinets, voltage and cable etc..
In the data center, the current power supply system 2N or N+1, or the application of such a system is very much. The establishment of two separate UPS system, the formation of UPS. Distribution through the UPS output reaches the load of the head of the cabinet, into each rack. This is the most common and most popular mode of power supply. For some of the more important load, but also through the STS, through the load counter the first to achieve the two double bus of the load, which is the original into a double bus and didn't like the basic composite double bus for some of the load distribution to the new. For example, the financial industry, there are some production load, is the regional power supply area 3, 4 such les. STS system, its reliability, availability and maintainability will get a better development. When the system capacity increases, we can also reserve a certain amount of time in the system construction