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The application of reactive power compensation technology to reduce power consumption




China Petroleum Network News (reporter correspondent An Fengxia Luo Jiandong) how will not use the power to become useful, more to reduce line losses, improve the quality of power supply? Tuha oilfield reactive power compensation technology is successfully applied in power grid, solve this problem. At present, 3 lines only lukeqing oilfield after transformation, reduce the power loss of 665 thousand kilowatts annually, saving electricity 450 thousand yuan. This year, it is expected to promote the technology in Tuha oilfield.
The effect of reactive power compensation technology in power supply is to achieve the quality and quantity of electricity in the transmission process, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing losses. This technology is Tuha water and electricity department technical personnel has research and trial results, the technology in October last year and passed the acceptance of such group company inspection group.
It is a constructive measure to reduce the reactive power compensation to improve the power factor and the reactive power balance. Reactive power compensation capacity should be based on the active power factor of each line to determine, only to determine the best position to install the reactive power loss can be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, technical personnel in determining compensation installation position, to the oil distribution network in-depth investigation and analysis, the establishment of power flow model, through to the algorithm, calculation of load center, and then consider the convenience of installation, the position in the pole near the load center and construction conditions.
According to the present situation of Tuha oilfield 10 thousand volt power factor is low, technical personnel to actively carry out energy-saving technology on power grid, evaluation, from the economic operation of the power grid scheme of reactive power compensation scheme, network loss analysis, high energy consumption distribution transformer operation status and loss analysis etc., to study the energy saving technology of power grid, formed in line with no energy saving technology of oil field power system of reactive power compensation.
Last year, the water supply department through scientific estimates of 10 thousand volt lines screened in Wenmi oilfield power grid, and red south, a total of 15 blocks of Shenquan low power factor and the compensation value of the line, the compensation scheme. The successful installation of Lukeqin oilfield 3 lines, water supply department plans within 3 years to complete the remaining 12 lines of reactive power compensation, to further enhance the level of energy consumption in oilfield power network.