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Power industry: smart grid and energy-saving emission reduction will continue to force




Smart grid and energy-saving emission reduction technology will continue to force attention
We borrow the BOC International high-end manufacturing opportunity conference invited vice president Hunan University Electrical Engineering Professor Professor Luo Luo an, as we focus on the smart grid and the field of energy-saving emission reduction situation.
The smart grid is to realize all kinds of energy can guarantee safe and reliable network. Wind power, photovoltaic is the development of China's green energy, and different from the traditional power supply, wind power, photovoltaic with intermittent characteristics of the grid is a major test. The main large-scale wind power, photovoltaic grid and micro grid wind power and photovoltaic distributed network to achieve safe and reliable, the traditional transmission and distribution network currently do not have this ability, therefore, vigorously develop the smart grid implementation "access" ability is imminent.
Smart grid is the traditional power grid technology upgrades, will lead the transmission and distribution industry technology upgrades and integration. Smart grid endows the traditional grid of "wisdom", emphasizing the intelligent primary equipment, one or two equipment seamless integration, will gradually break the boundaries between the one or two technology equipment enterprises, leading the one or two equipment technological upgrading of enterprises. We expect the future of smart grid in all areas one or two times total integrated equipment or the contractor will gradually become the mainstream model of project management, because the majority of primary equipment enterprises (two equipment enterprises less) is difficult to achieve such technological upgrading, therefore, power transmission and distribution industry is likely to accelerate the realization of integration, in the next two years, there will be a large number of the equipment enterprises "disappeared".
Energy saving and emission reduction in the field of industrial electrical technology, technology will gradually from the product to the overall energy saving development. Energy saving and emission reduction has extensive market in the field of industrial electrical current, industry of our country in the field of electrical line loss rate is much higher than in developed countries. Line loss rate improvement involves many aspects of industrial electrical, including low voltage frequency energy, reactive power compensation, harmonic control, electricity dispatching and so on, Professor Luo believes that with the energy saving gradually thorough, energy saving and emission reduction technology in the field of electrical industry will gradually from individual saving equipment will be gradually to the overall energy saving technology development.
The company is one of the few applications of electric control technology of the enterprise, with DC control and protection and monitoring, dispatching automation and other automation products; in the market, widely used in power plant, the company one or two MV electrical products of mining, petroleum, chemical and other fields, has certain industrial customer network, with the focus on the main industry, the company will continue to increase R & D and sales of investment in the industrial field; in the complete set. The company is the only domestic enterprise of medium voltage electrical field one or two complete sets of equipment, integrated ability of industrial electrical system. Whether it is to promote the development of smart grid transmission and distribution industry to upgrade and integrate technology, energy conservation and emission reduction technology gradually from the product to the overall technical solutions to the development of the company will become beneficiaries.