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Temperature on-line monitoring device

WTGD-801 is a set of advanced and practical switch cabinet electric contact online temperature monitoring device, through the wireless temperature measurement module to the online temperature control points for real-time monitoring, and the wireless receiving module will be transmitted to the device through RS485 bus related data, through the LCD screen display the real-time temperature of each monitoring point, It has overtemperature alarm function, system platform function and data communication function.
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Insulation on-line monitoring device

JYGD-01 insulation online monitoring device can on-line monitoring the insulation states of high and low voltage equipment, the use of the device for diagnostic line cables, insulators, surge arrester, vacuum switch devices such as the shortcomings and hidden danger of accidents in the early, control of sudden accidents, insulation monitoring of electrical equipment insulation performance of the stand or fall provides effective information, and directly influences the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.
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Intelligent electricity monitoring terminal

GD-320 intelligent electricity monitoring terminal has the functions of high-precision three-phase voltage, current and power measurement, time-sharing billing, demand calculation, harmonic calculation, fixed-value off-limit, data freezing, residual current protection and temperature protection.
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Device level filter

Device level filter is designed for power electronic equipment to reduce harmonic matching products, it can make the three-phase rectifier circuit generated harmonic current to meet any harmonic standard requirements, improve the anti-surge interference ability of equipment. It is the ideal supporting equipment for inverter, UPS, all kinds of power supply, intermediate frequency furnace and other power electronic equipment. Its products have long service life, small loss, currently belongs to the domestic industry leader.
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Incoming / Outgoing reactor

Inverter special incoming line reactor, connected in series between inverter incoming line end and power supply, inhibit surge voltage and surge current, protect inverter; Improve the power factor of frequency converter and suppress harmonic current; Filter harmonic voltage and harmonic current to improve the quality of power grid. Series inverter dedicated line (output) reactor, in between the client and load frequency converter, reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage, improvement of the voltage distribution on long transmission line, ease to the inverter output three-phase imbalance, reduce energy loss on the line, to prevent possible since the excitation generator with long line resonance phenomenon.
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Sinusoidal filter

Sinusoidal filter is mainly used to solve the harmonic problem at the output of the inverter. The sinusoidal filter can convert the PWM wave output of the inverter into sinusoidal wave, reduce the voltage impact of the PWM pulse output of the inverter, reduce the traveling wave reflection phenomenon at the motor end, and prevent the insulation breakdown of the motor, resulting in cable burst. The function of long-distance transmission of frequency converter is realized.
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High voltage automatic reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination device

The high voltage automatic reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination device is a new type of product which is suitable for improving the comprehensive automation level of 6kV and 10kV power system. The device mainly consists of combined vacuum contactor, capacitor, reactor and discharge device, controller, microcomputer protector and so on. It can improve the power factor of the system, reduce transformer and line loss, improve transmission capacity, give full play to the economic benefits of transmission and transformation equipment, suppress system harmonics and improve the quality of power consumption of the system according to the change of power factor of the grid.
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High voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device

GD-SVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device is a reactive power compensation system with IGBT as the core, which can provide capacitive or inductive reactive power rapidly and continuously, realize the control of constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor at the test point, and ensure the stable, efficient and high quality operation of the power system. GD-SVG can significantly improve the power quality at the connection point between load and public grid, such as improving power factor, balancing three-phase voltage, suppressing voltage flicker and voltage fluctuation, and controlling harmonic pollution. SVG series products with easy operation, high performance and high reliability are designed to meet users' urgent needs for improving power factor of power transmission and distribution network, controlling harmonics and compensating negative sequence current.
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